Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Everyday Look - Cheeks

I briefly talked about using blush and bronzer to contour my cheeks when I posted "My Everyday Look - Complexion" last time, but I didn't go into much details about it and a buddy requested that perhaps I should dedicate another post just for cheeks, so here it goes!

I use
bronzer: Physician's Formula - Mineral Wear 100% MineralBrightener
blush:  Laura Geller's Ethereal Rose Baked Powder

Here's where I contour, concentrating on the "hollow" part under the cheekbones (where the darker dotted lines are):

I brush on the bronzer under my cheekbone first, blend it into the hair line, and down along the jawline, and then up into the temples.  This adds shadow to my face and makes me look skinnier :)

Next, smile and brush on some blush on the apple of the cheek, and blend it into the bronzer:

Then I'm done!  Here's a before & after:

Now I have a little of shadowing which creates dimension on my face :)  Yup I do this everyday!  My buddy Marj said it really does help make my face look skinnier :D  That's the best part!  I need help hiding my chubby cheeks~

Here's an overall pic:

Yay cheekbones and skinnier cheeks :)

Also check out fuzkittie's video on contouring!


tiff said...

bronzer is becoming my new fav. and when i was @ cvs the other day and saw the physician formula bronzer it reminded me of u

Fancy Nancy said...

aww! which bronzer do u use?

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