Monday, December 6, 2010

[Spotted] Hello Kitty Nerd iPad Case

You know that I absolutely adore the Hello Kitty Nerd collection, and that I am a proud owner of the Hello Kitty Nerd Tote!  Well, looks like they just added a new member to their collection: the Hello Kitty Nerd iPad Jacket at $45!  Perfect for adorably nerdy Hello Kitty fans who are also iPad owners :) 

It has a cute logo in the back too!


Karen said...

Hello Kitty Nerd is adorable! I dig the look very much.. esp when I'm still doing my studies 8)

Btw liking the new layout, clean and classic!

Ms Nancy said...

Thanks!! I am having a bit of pink withdrawal tho, this template needs be more pink! =p

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