Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[Invisalign] Tray 2 - with attachments

So it's been 2 weeks since I started my [Invisalign] Tray 1!  It hasn't been that painful physically.  The first 2 days were the most uncomfortable, although they weren't painful, they felt really tight on my teeth - so tight that I just wanted to rip them right off!  But after about 2 days I started getting used to the feeling of having something on my teeth.  I was told that I need to eat with it on, drink with it on, and sleep with it on.  I really tried to eat with it on but I admit that sometimes I do take them off, especially when I eat with coworkers because food WILL get stuck in the aligners (yes very gross), and when I ate meat like steak and burgers LOL.  They also have affected my speech, I have trouble pronouncing my S's and X's, and overall I sound like I have a piece of candy in my mouth, and people who don't know I have Invislign on probably just think that I have a big tongue =p

Today I went to my dentist to get attachments on my teeth to prep for my Invisalign Tray 2.  And you know what, she called me out for not wearing my aligners all the time =p  She was able to spot that 2 of my teeth didn't fit the aligners perfectly which means I've been slacking off.  She told me that she needs more commitment from me else my teeth won't look like My 3D treatment plan :(  She also said that I'm only on my 2nd tray and I'm already behind schedule, so embarrassing!  So yes from now on I have to try harder to chew with the aligners on, I don't want to get yelled at again =p  

See the white things that stick out?  Those are the attachments, which are used to help the aligners grip onto the teeth better.  Traditional braces have attachments on every single tooth, but only certain teeth need attachments for Invisalign.

Wow, I've never shown you my teeth so close up right?  I'm kind of grossed out by it, so proceed reading at your own risk!  LOL.

Attachments on the left side.

Attachments on the right, notice I have a cross bite here?

You can see the place holders for the attachments on the aligners themselves.

So here's what my teeth look like with Tray 2:

See that there are a bit of spacing in between the teeth and the aligners?  That means the aligners don't fit perfectly.

 My aligners weren't that visible before, but now that I have the attachments on, it's quite obvious.

To help the aligners fit my teeth better to minimize the spacings, I was given these bite sticks: 

I am supposed to lightly bite on these bite sticks for 30 min, 6 times a day >.<  My bf laughed when I showed him these bite sticks, because they remind him of the chewing bone we give to dogs =p

Anyway, Tray 2 is supposed to hurt a lot more than Tray 1, and they are feeling REALLY tight at the moment, it also took me a long time to squeeze them onto my teeth! I took an Advil just now so hopefully I won't feel much pain in my sleep...


Dennis said...

Hi Ms. Nancy!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Invisalign trays. You're really helping my cousin, Bridgette, to decide whether or not she'll have Invisalign.

For now, she's thinking of having professional teeth whitening treatment by our trusted family dentist. Germantown area is home to many top-caliber dentists so Bridgette is so excited about it.

Anonymous said...

You're not supposed to eat or drink with them in! Make sure you take out the trays for eating... seriously.

tammy said...

You should not be eating with the trays in it can damage the trays!

Anonymous said...

Random question, the first set of trays had a 1 on them correct? My orthodontist gave me the ones with a 2 on them to start off with...do you think it's bad to keep wearing them?

Ms Nancy said...

Ya my first set had a "1" on them. I'm not sure why your ortho gave you a 2... I think you should ask him/her!!

Anonymous said...

Your ortho is giving you bad advice! You should absolutely not be eating or drinking with them in, the only exception is water. It is bad for the trays AND your teeth.

Anonymous said...

You aren't suppose to eat or drink anything with your aligners in except for water.It clearly states that in the booklet that comes with the invisalign and your ortho should know better too or they need to do the training all over again.

Anonymous said...

I wes given the same advice as the other guys. I take them out from my 3 meals (approx 30 mins for breakfast and lunch and a little longer for dinner) and occasionally 1 more time in the day for a coffee. I always floss and brush before I put them back in. I'm on tray 2 (with attachments) and my ortho said as long as I wear them 20 hours per day (preferably 22)I should be on track and finish within approx 7 months (although may need a bit more work at the end dependent on end result). I was also told only need to bite on stick for 5 mins at night. Good luck

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog and wanted to know what kind of material are made of sticks that invisalign gave you

Ms Nancy said...

the sticks are plastic.

Anonymous said...

what kind of plastic is it?
can you help me?

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