Saturday, March 26, 2011

[Fantasies] Mayabelline Pure BB Mineral BB Mousse SPF 30 PA+++!

Remember I am a fan of the [Fancies] Maybelline PURE MINERAL SPF 26 PA+++ BB Base which I started using last summer in 2010?  Well I just saw on FashionGuide Taiwan that Mayabelline came out with a mousse version, the Mayabelline Pure BB Mineral BB Mousse SPF 30 PA+++!

More on Maybelline 純淨礦物BB慕絲 Pure BB Mineral  BB Mousse SPF 30 PA+++:

BB Breakthrough!

第一瓶 泡沫般輕盈 空氣感BB慕絲
The first ever bubble-like, light and airy BB Mousse

Weightless mousse technology, instantly creates beautiful skin and minimizes pores

8 natural micro-minerals, good for the skin

Moisturizing hyaluronic acid for more supple skin

SPF30 PA+++高效物理性UV防護
SPF30 PA + + + with physical UV protection

Lasting oil control

Anti-dullness, and more translucent skin

Non-oily, and longer lasting results

Good for sensitive skin types

Made in Japan

Doesn't it sound FABULOUS??  Sometimes I do prefer a lighter texture skin perfector especially on hot summer days but usually they don't provide good coverage.  However, this sounds like a god-sent: light, airy, mouse texture with all the benefits that a BB cream provides!!  Can't wait to get my hands on this baby :)


blublupiggie said...

where do you buy it?

Ms Nancy said...

I'm not sure either, probably on, ebay, or need to go back to TW to get it.

Fables in Fashion said...

Sounds exciting! I can't wait to hear your thoughts of it, I'm loving out traditionally western brands are starting to embrace BB creams to :)

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