Sunday, March 13, 2011

[FOTD] I tried jungsaemmool's 보브 캐슬듀 2010 윈터 트렌드_스노우 캐슬_SnowCastle

As I went through my makeup collection to pack for my move, I came across this Maquillage GY851 palette that I almost forgot I had.  I then remembered that I watched jungsaemmool's 보브 캐슬듀 2010 윈터 트렌드_스노우 캐슬_SnowCastle tutorial that is perfect for me to try using this palette.

Let's start:

First I applied the base all over the top and bottom lid area.  This base is slightly shimmery.

Next I applied the white shimmery shadow all over the lid.

Next I lined my top lashline with the black gel liner.  This gel liner isn't as intense as others I've tried, ie Tarte EmphasEYES(TM) Waterproof Clay Shadow / Liner Black.

Next I applied the shimmery grey over the black liner from the previous step.  This softens the liner so it's not as harsh.  I also used the remaining powder that's left on the brush and brushed it down to the outer 1/4 of the lower lashline.

To brighten up the inner corner I applied the shimmery white shadow again.

For the cheeks I used Tarte Amazonian clay infused perfect pink cheek tint, and lips I used Mally Beauty High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Must Have Pink which by the way, is pretty long lasting for a liquid, and the color is quite opaque as well.

Here's the final look:
Mascara I used 1 coat of Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara.  I had high hopes for this mascara and the results are not what I had hoped; the tarte lights, camera, lashes created better length and volume.  But since today was the first time I tried the Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara, I will give it more time since sometimes mascara gets better after a few uses.

Oh look, hello undereye puffiness and fine lines.... GO AWAY!!  Tomorrow, 3/14, otherwise known as Pi Day (because you know, the number pi... 3.14159blah blah), is my birthday.  I am slowly approaching the big 3-0!!! >.<

The end!  Hope you liked this look, and hope you had a good weekend!


[hazel] said...

cute! i've always wanted to try out her looks

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