Sunday, October 30, 2011

[Sponsored Review] Proactiv Refining Mask, Concealer Plus, Green Tea Moisturizer

As we all know, great looks start with a good canvas, and the Proactiv's Refining Mask, recent winner of Allure’s 2011 Best of Beauty Award for “Best Mask for Oily Skin,” is the perfect pre-makeup mask to create a clear canvas for your look. Using the mask will help to dry out and prevent blemishes with a powerful 6% concentration of antibacterial sulfur.  Sulfur is a good alternative for those who might be sensitive to salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide.  I find that for me at least, sulfur doesn't dry me out as much.

You apply the mask on damp skin (which I find interesting, most masks go on dry skin), wait for about 10 min (which is not bad at all, a lot of masks take 20+ min), and wash off.  Unlike many deep cleansing / acne masks, this one doesn't dry out like clay (which sometimes makes me feel like my skin is about to get pulled off of my face *don't like that feeling at all*).  After washing off the mask I found that my skin looked much brighter, cleaner and yet doesn't feel dry and tight.  As far as curing acne goes, my pimples didn't get worse and they seem to be healing at a pretty good speed :)  Glad I had the chance to try this mask, it's good!

If you have any pesky pimples that stick around, Proactiv's Concealer Plus, a concealer and spot treatment in one, a product that has the same powerful sulfur in the Refining Mask, plus the added benefit of makeup coverage, can *probably* help you achieve a spot-less look.

I however, didn't find this concealer that useful.  I tried it on my chin, by dotting it on...

and then patting it down to blend it, but what was left was rubbed off product and a blemish that was not concealed at all =/  I find the consistency might be too liquidy to properly conceal blemishes.  It works ok on the redness around my nose though.

Also, don’t forget to clean and moisturize your skin before hitting the hay. Proactiv Makeup Cleansing Wipes are pre-moistened with a nourishing soap-free cleanser to remove all the makeup.  And for those that are super oily and seek a moisturizer that is feather-light, you should consider the Green Tea Moisturizer, it provides nourishing and botanical-rich hydration in an oil-free formula.  It applies almost like a light serum.  For those who have normal/combination/dryer skin, I would recommend you try something else as this wasn't moisturizing enough for me.


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