Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[PRK] Day 4

Today was probably the worst day since the surgery- I wasn't able to see for the bulk of the day; the world was blurrier than my original eye sight before the surgery without glasses, and I wasn't able to see the screen nor my phone. Surprisingly I am able too see again now before going to sleep so I thought I'd give you a quick update.

An improvement though is that my eyes felt pretty normal physically, they didn't feel sore like the previous days, and I didn't need to put in numbing drops. I think this means that my eyes are healing and now I just have to wait for the cells to grow back and then I'll be able to see!

Oh, I got my hair washed today. I'm not supposed to get water in my eyes so I haven't washed my hair by myself. I'm wondering how other people did it. I went to Imagine Salon, the same one I've been going to for months. They charged me $18 for the wash. A bit pricey but you gotta do what you have to do, right? I think I can wash normally after my follow up appointment on the 28th. Phew.

That's it for now. Good night, @_@


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