Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[PRK] Day 6

Today was my post-op follow up appointment. They removed the bandage contact lens that were put in after the surgery. The contacts are to help minimize discomfort and remained in place for 5 days. Unlike the contacts I used to wear, these contacts were comfortable, I couldn't feel them at all.

I was pretty happy earlier today before the appointment because I was starting to see street signs. But after they took out the contacts, the street signs were blurry again. @_@

They said I'm recovering normally and everything is on track. I just have to make sure I continue to put in lubricating drops every 1 - 2 hours because the cells need to stay moisturized to grow back.

Oh, I had to ask when I can get water in my eyes. I'd like to wash my own hair and not pay for hair washes anymore. They said wait till Sat, same for makeup - that is a total of 8 days of no water in eyes and no makeup. I didn't want to wait to wash my hair though, I decided to jump in the shower anyway. But I did pay extra attention to keep my eyes shut while rinsing my hair and also made sure I didn't rub my eyes.

This is the place I went to: Furlong Vision Correction in San Jose. The staff is nice. The facility is nice. They even have drinks and snacks in the waiting area for patients and their family and friends.


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