Saturday, December 10, 2011

[Sponsored] Proactiv Holiday Travel Kit + Oil Blotter Sheets

Are you racking up frequent flier miles this holiday season? You should consider the Proactiv Mini Maintenance System Travel Kits! This carry on-friendly kit contains 1oz. bottles of the famous Proactiv 3-Step System so you won't break stride on your acne treatment while on the road. And best of all, the Mini Maintenance System Travel Kits are available in all three versions of Proactiv's specially formulated solutions, so whether you have sensitive skin or require an extra-strength treatment, Proactiv has you covered while you travel :)  The Travel Kits are also really good stocking stuffers and perfect gift for those that have heard of Proactiv but have yet to try it.

If you are like me, you'd appreciate having oil blotting papers with you at all time.  I have them at work, in the living room  + bedroom + bathroom at home, and in my purses as well.  My T-zone gets shiny through the day and oil papers are my best friend.  Proactiv Oil Blotter Sheets are pocket-sized, natural-fiber blotter sheets that deliver quick on-the-go mattifying for a shine-free finish, fast!  What I love the most is the packaging, it's like those tissue paper boxes where each piece can be easily pulled out - it's much better than most that are hard to get just a single sheet out of the packaging :)


Jess said...

Are you using proactiv regularly???

Ms Nancy said...

Only when I break out :p

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