Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[Sponsored] Bliss Fabulips, a Facial for Your Lips!

What bliss says about Fabulips:
Wash away the kisses of a fizzled summer romance and refresh your pout for Fall with Bliss’s new spa treatment and DIY kit - Fabulips.  We all have a beauty regimen – for our face, hair, body, even teeth.  Don’t skip your lips. Now you can give your lips the TLC they deserve with Bliss’s NEW fabulips in-spa treatment and at-home kit - it’s like a facial for your lips!

This kit is designed to recreate the professional in-spa experience, it perfects your pout in four easy steps:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[Invisalign] Tray 18 - one more tray left!

Yay, another Invisalign update - I'm on Tray 18, just one more tray then I'm done!  Notice my aligners are a lot smaller now?  My doc cut the ends to slowly phase them out.  Remember I was told to eat with the aligners on?  I don't have to do that anymore, now I have to take off the aligners when I'm eating, and let me tell you, chewing with my real teeth feels so weird now because my bite is a bit off from wearing aligners for the past 10 months.  By the end of it all though my bite should be back to normal :)

Here's what my teeth look like now:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

[Fancies] I got my qipao altered at Le's Alterations

I have a qipao that's been sitting in my closet for over 3 years now but I've never worn it because the hip area was too wide.  As I thought about what to wear for my friend France's wedding (whose bachelorette party I attended not too long ago), I decided to get my qipao altered so I can finally wear it.  I took it to Le's Alterations since I had good experiences there from getting several of my pants hemmed.  Their service is really fast, and they are also very reasonably priced.  Hemming is $6 a pair (the dry cleaners down the street from me charges $15), and Le charged $45 for my qipao for taking in the sides starting from the waist, and shortening it while keeping the original hem.  I took it in on Sat and was able to pick it up on Thu :)

Here's what the qipao looks like now:

[Sponsored] AXE Hold+Touch for him AND her

Check out the new line of AXE Hair styling products, Hold+Touch. Guys and girls often disagree when it comes to guys’ hair products—he wants a strong hold while she wants his hair to feel soft and natural (in fact, nearly 90% of girls agree that hard, crusty, over-gelled hair turns them off). This new Hold+Touch product line aims to finally satisfy both parties.  Each AXE Hold+Touch product is specially formulated for a guy’s specific hair type and provides strong hold—which will come in handy during the blustery fall—without giving up the irresistible feel that girls love (i.e., they don’t leave his hair stiff and crunchy).  These days everyone’s watching their wallets, so at just $6.99 per tube guys don’t have to break their banks to look their best.

There are 3 different products in this line:
· AXE Hold+Touch Spiking Glue for normal hair
· AXE Hold+Touch Cream Wax for thick hair
· AXE Hold+Touch Paste for fine hair

My 2 cents: while they don't leave hair stiff and crunchy, they do still make hair feel sticky to the touch.  But hey, what can you expect from a hair product right?  Of course it will feel like there is product in the hair, and sticky is still way better than stiff and crunchy hair =p

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[Deals] $36 in Menaji (Skincare for the Confident Man) for just $18

LOL yes Menaji makes skincare for men, but that's not anything special anymore, what's special is that they also make makeup for men!  That's right LOL.  Check out their Camo Concealer 
(Light, Medium, Bronze):
This jojoba-based skin tone concealing agent (the world's first) is designed for use anytime - whether you're preparing for the red carpet, the boardroom or a night at the game. Dab on razor bumps, blemishes, under-eye circles, age spot, scars or any other imperfections. Easy to use, good for your skin, Dermatologist approved and, most importantly, undetectable.

And High Definition Powder Vision - Anti-Shine 
(Light, Medium, Bronze, Dark) 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

[Fancies] OneSole - Interchangeable Shoes

Have you heard of OneSole - interchangeable shoes?  I saw them on ABC's Shark Tank where OneSole founder presented her amazing idea; she is a pharmacist who needs to be on her feet all day so she designed these shoes that are light weight, comfortable, and most amazingly these shoes have interchangeable tops so you can have different tops that buckle onto the same sole.  What a great idea, this is perfect for travel too!

I was immediately drawn to the OneSole idea, went on their website and ordered myself a pair.  (Their website though, needs A LOT of work, it's hard to navigate and quite honestly, it is ugly.  They should really hire someone more professional to revamp their site.)  Anyway, this is what I ordered:

[HOTD] Hair Bow v2

Wow I just checked my old post Hair of the Day - bow bun? which was posted back in May 2010, that's more than 1 year ago!  Time sure flies.  Today I tried the hair bow again, I'm thinking of doing my hair this way for my friend Frances' (whose bachelorette party I attended) wedding in Oct.

I still need a bit of practice, to get it to look neater with less flyaways.  What do you guys think?  In case you are interested in trying this out for yourselves, there are tons of tutorials on Youtube :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The dress I wore to Frances' bachelorette party

Hmm I've been asked a few times now about the dress I wore to Frances' bachelorette party, but unfortunately it was given to me and I have no idea where it is from =/  I think it's from Singapore?? Not sure =p

Here are some more pix taken by my friend Maggie:

[Fancies] L'oreal UV Perfect Longlasting Icy UV Protector SPF 30 PA+++

Not sure if you recall but I've been using the L'oreal UV Perfect SPF 50 PA+++ for YEARSSSSSS (as mentioned in My HOLY GRAIL products of 2010).  The L'oreal UV Perfect line is only available in Asia.  I usually stock up on them whenever I go back to Taiwan but I recently ran out of it and decided to order on eBay instead.  As I searched I came across the new addition to this line: the Longlasting Icy UV Protector SPF 30 PA+++ Moisture Fresh.  The seller I bought this from is from Thailand - hence the packaging is in Thai.

The bottle itself is in English (thank goodness lol) and it reads:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I got a pedicure (and a nip) at Dashing Diva Pasadena

One of the events we had over the weekend for my friend Frances' bachelorette party was a mani-pedi session at Dashing Diva in Pasadena, CA.  I only wanted the basic pedicure because manicures never last long enough for me to justify its price =p  Pedicures on the other hand, tend to last a good 2 weeks :)  Anyway, I learned from my friend Jessa to pick multiple colors, so I picked neon pink and yellow because it is summer and it also was going to match the dress that I was going to wear for our night out with the girls:

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