Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[PRK] Day 12 - First day back at work

I've been fortunate to do the surgery before our company's end of year shut down, so I had more than 10 days to recover before driving and before working.

Driving today was fine since I was familiar with the road. When I came home at night though I needed to put on sunglasses because all the lights from the street and cars were blinding me. Yes I wore my sunglasses at night in my car haha.

As far as working is concerned. I decreased the resolution on the screen so that things were bigger and easier to see. Staring at the screen was tiring for my eyes so I needed to use more lubricating drops than usual. My vision also fluctuated throughout the day, certain hours were blurrier than others. I also felt sensitive to the office lights as well as the day light coming into the windows when I sat in a conference room. Tomorrow I plan to wear sunglasses at work as well haha.

Hopefully tomorrow gets better.


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