Friday, January 6, 2012

[PRK] Week 2 and a small fender bender...

Uh huh... I had a small fender bender today *sob

I went out for lunch today, and as I backed out from my stall I hit the other car that was backing out too. As much as I like to believe that I am able to see clearly enough I am really not... Last time at my post op appointment my eyes were 20/40, which meets the legal requirement for driving. Since then my eyes have been improving daily but they are not 100% yet. I am still sensitive to light, I still wear sunglasses inside the office and when I drive at night, and sometimes I still get fuzzy vision.

Since I know I can't see perfectly yet I haven't been driving to places I don't know, mostly just to and from the office. Today for lunch I went to a cafe next to my usual grocery store, and since I know the route pretty well I felt comfortable enough to drive there during my lunch break. Little did I know that I would have trouble seeing the car that was backing out behind me, that car was either dark grey or black that blended in perfectly with the road, and it was sunny which created a huge glare on my back window. I really couldn't see her!! So sad... @_@

Good news is that my car is near perfect with very minimal scratches and dings. But unfortunately her car has a ding which I am responsible for :(

Hopefully the damage isn't too bad and not too expensive...

Eyes, hurry up and heal!!


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