Sunday, February 26, 2012

La Mer UV Protecting Fluid SPF 30

Ah... The coveted La Mer, queen of all skin care. One would think they'd have the best sunscreen, and many probably do like it, but not me! It's probably considered "light" if you compare it with other US brands, but it really does not compare to Asian sunscreens. It is milky and a bit greasy, takes awhile to be absorbed and leaves the skin a bit shiny. The scent is quite strong, but some people might not mind it. It is probably better suited for people with dry skin and live in dry weather.

I would still choose my all time favorite Loreal UV Perfect over it any day. This goes to show that not all expensive brands are better than drug store brands :)


Lisa said...

ohhh good to know i use their moisturizing gel but always wondered if the SPF was any good! i will have to check out loreal UV SPF.. i'm going to taipei soon can you recommend any good SPF's for me to pick up? :)

Ms Nancy said...

Def try the Loreal uv perfect!!

john petter said...

Really a nice one
Womens Perfume Fragrance

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