Monday, February 6, 2012

[PRK] Week 6 Post-op: 20 20 vision!

I had my week 6 post-op last week and was very happy to hear that my eyes are perfect, 20 20 vision individually and better than perfect at 20 15 together!!

I am also using less eye drops and the doc said I don't have chronic dry eyes so that's good. He also said the cells are still recovering at a micro level so my vision can still get better (not worse) haha. I am noticing that at work I use drops more often, at every other hour or so, but when I'm at home I don't really need them, except in the mornings when I wake up. I think I will slowly phase out the drops over time :)

In conclusion I am very happy with the surgery, totally worth it and I wasn't even bothered by contacts, which means the surgery will be even more beneficial for those that are bothered by glasses/contacts :)


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